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A Westies Guide to Training Humans

Westies are intelligent, fun loving and sometimes mischievous little dogs.

They know how to manipulate their humans to their advantage, but A Westies Guide to Training Humans gives you all the information you need to counteract their cunning plans, providing details
on everything you need to know, from puppy-proofing your home to feeding, training and
dealing with behavioural issues. The table of contents listing is:

1. Introduction.
2. What is a Westie?
3. Westie-Proof Your Home
4. Bringing Home a New Puppy
5. Alpha - The Leader Of The Pack
6. House Training Your Westie
7. Obedience Training
8. Feeding your Westie
9. Grooming Your Westie
10. How to Play Safely with Your Westie Puppy
11. Travelling With Westies
12. Westies Home Alone
13. Dealing With Behavioural Problems
14. Dog/People Communication - The Universal Language
15. Westie Health
16. Westie Activities
17. Breeding Your Westie
18. Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we know about dogs we have learned from our best friends - our Westies and they have helped us to write this book so that we can pass this knowledge onto other Westie owners.

A Westies Guide to Training Humans is available to purchase online or Australian based customers can place an order by sending your contact details to us at info@devnikwesties.com or you can pick one up from our Doggy Indulgence Grooming Salon.

The book has a color cover, and is wire bound with black and white contents.
The price is $25 (plus postage and handling if ordering online).

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